Ans. Normally on Every Friday from 8-10 PM and Every Sunday From 8AM -10 AM is Breakfast and 1PM-3PM is Lunch.

Ans. No, It is not Mandatory but you can go for both Breakfast and Lunch on sunday if Available.

Ans. Yes , But please note : In case of special Menu either you should have idea about how to prepare for Large Gatherings OR you should call somebody who know how to prepare. Gurdwara can help only in case of normal Menu items listed under “Langar Quantity” Section.

Ans. Yes , Normally people prefer to use Kitchen in Gurdwara and taking help of other people ( Sangat ) in Gurdwara.

Ans. Normally on Sunday we need about 250 Chapati’s ( Parshade ). Sangat will help you totally in this.

Ans. On Friday about 100 and on Sunday in Breakfast on normal days around 30 and in Lunch about 150. On special dates number of people can increase so please call 203-807-8484 to confirm.

Ans. Yes, We suggest a minimum of 51$.

This goes for all the kitchen supplies, Lunch plates , Glasses etc used for Langar.

For ONLY Breakfast no need to pay anything but for Friday and Sunday Langar please do.

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